Charles Maiden Waste Disposal Ltd aims to offer the highest possible service to all of our customers, we pride ourselves on repeat business & customer satisfaction therefore we have produced this set of terms to try & ensure all requirements are clear prior to arrival.

To make a booking
We will ask a number of questions to ensure all account and contact information is accurate. We will need full names including title, first name & surname, full address including postcode, ideally two contact numbers & an email address. We will then confirm history of the system, type of system, number of users & number of properties using the system.

Our standard pricing structure is based on any history of the system, access within 30 meters, covers being clear, good access & waste being in a pumpable state that can be processed through our own treatment system. Our price is based on the information you have given as the customer and pricing could change if the information is incorrect. We will discuss and get prior verbal approval.

Upon acceptance of our price if we do not have on record we will require confirmation of the tank location, any special instructions etc.

Access restraints
We will require access within 30 meters, this is from hardstanding for a large vehicle (6 wheeler – same as a conventional bin lorry) to the top of the sewage system. The access should be accessible with the tanker both in height, width & can accommodate the weight of the vehicle (laden & unladen).
The top of the sewage system & its covers must be suitable, sufficient and accessible. Ie when making a booking it is your responsibility as the customer to ensure the route to the system is safe & without hazards, along with ensuring it is not covered in overgrowth. In the event of heavy lids, the customer is advised to remove them upon our arrival. Where it is safe for us to do so, via visual assessment onsite, we will offer a 2 man crew at an additional cost to remove safely.

Special instructions
We will need to know if you require to be onsite when we are due to attend and this is something you will need to advise at the time of booking. If there are locked gates for access, electric gates, time restraints, users of route this will need to be identified at time of booking.

Vulnerable persons & animals onsite
When we arrive onsite it is the customer’s responsibility prior to our arrival to ensure all vulnerable persons & animals are secured without access to the system.

Safety Issues
During our visit to site we will need to remove the covers, they must be in a good serviceable order & suitable and sufficient for the system. We cannot be held responsible for anything that falls into them while we are working onsite.
Covers which are not suitable and sufficient will be identified & suitable replacement options will be advised. Please be aware from a safety perspective, covers should have a suitable weigh rating ie if on a driveway they should be suitable for a vehicle to drive over. If they are in an area where children or animals have access, they should be pedestrian weight, in serviceable order with a good tight fit. Concrete lintels, patio slabs, metal sheet etc are not suitable weight rated covers.

Irregular empties
In the event that your system has not had a regular routine empty as per Environment Agency Guidance there will be additional charges incurred.

Emergency or booked time visits
An additional charge for a timed or emergency visit will be taken at time of booking. Dependant on time location & in hours or out of hours.

Misuse of a sewage facility
Any private sewage system is only designed to process the 3 P’s (Pee, Poo and Paper). We would strongly recommend that any other items are disposed of via the normal waste route ie black general waste bin.

Payment Terms
Domestic customers – Due to a large number of non-payers unfortunately we have been left no choice but to take payment in advance the same as many other companies also do. Payment will be due between time of booking & prior to arrival onsite. Preferred payment methods are bank transfer (which must include the invoice/estimate number on the payment) or card (no American Express).

In the event that additional payment is required you will be contacted while we are onsite and a card payment will be taken prior to engineers leaving. In the event that reimbursement is required this will happen to the same payment method within 5 business days.

Commercial customers – New customers will be required to pay for the first visit in full in advance. Further contract visits will have clear terms set & agreed prior to visit. Any payment terms that are not met will be subject to interest charges & any other incurred costs relative to visits. This will also result in a lose of credit facilities in the future.

Standing Time
In the event that our tanker needs to stay onsite at the request of the customer there will be additional charges for the vehicle & engineers downtime.

Site Visits
In the event of having a job out of the normal parameters, we will offer a site visit where possible at a cost to cover time onsite, travelling time & contribution towards travel costs.

Charles Maiden Waste Disposal Ltd cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information, damage to access or property where we have been told all ok. If we attend site and covers aren’t clear, it isn’t accessible with our vehicle or we have had a wasted journey there will still be charges incurred for a wasted visit.

Field jobs
Where a tanker is required to access a field it is the customers responsibility to ensure the field is suitable for a tanker to enter. Any livestock is removed from the field. In the event of the tanker getting stuck it is the customers responsibility for recovery, any damage repairs to the field and any vehicle damage.

We offer a contract reminder service to all of our customers. If you would like to be added to our list to ensure your system stays in prime condition please ask and we will add you.

Aborted jobs
If a job has been aborted through no fault of Charles Maiden Waste Disposal it is like that there will be charges incurred for this visit at the agreed price.

Waste Streams
We can only remove & treat human sewage waste (this does not include blue toilet waste). We cannot remove any animal excrement or contaminated products. If we find the system is contaminated there will be extra charges for disposal or waste will be put back in the tank but the original charge will still apply for a waste trip.

Data Protection Act
Please be aware the details you have given will be kept on file for the information of Charles Maiden Waste Disposal Ltd. We do not share your data with any other source. Any card payments taken are inputted directly into the card machine & are not stored other than for accounts purposes. And will be stored appropriately

By engaging with us verbally & accepting any quote/estimate or invoice you are automatically agreeing to the above terms & conditions. Should you have any issue this should be addressed prior to approval and payment.


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